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A 5-year BA LLB or BBA LLB degree from National Law Universities (NLU), Symbiosis Law School or other top Law Universities right after Class 12 can propel your career to unprecedented heights as a Legal professional. If you aspire to be a top Lawyer in India and hence secure your admission in these top Law Universities then first of all you will need to clear Law entrance tests such as CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT-India, XLAT, XLET etc. DIKSHA has been proud to help 300 students to qualify in CLAT, LSAT-India, SLAT, XLAT and other Law Entrance Exams.

A degree in Law (5-Year BA LLB or BBA LLB) from NLUs, Symbiosis Law School or other top Law Universities can get you a starting salary ranging from 12 Lakhs – 22 Lakhs per annum on an average. Besides, it also opens up plethora of career options in Legal Advocacy & Legal Consultation, Law Firms, Corporate Legal Counsel, Litigation & Arbitration, Intellectual Property & Patenting. If you are aspiring for a such a flourishing legal career, then you will need to secure a top score in these specialized, national-level Law Entrance Tests such as CLAT & AILET (for NLUs), SLAT (for Symbiosis Law Schools), LSAT-India (for OP Jindal Global University, Lloyd Law College, IFIM Law School etc.), NLAT (NMIMS – Kirit P Mehta School of Law), XLET (XIM University, Bhubaneswar), XLAT (St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata). At DIKSHA we advise the aspiring lawyers to keep abreast about all these law entrance tests and prepare hard to crack the best!

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CLAT Exam Pattern:

CLAT is the gateway for entry in top National Law Universities such as NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, WBNUJS Kolkata, NLU Jodhpur and RMLNLU Lucknow etc. A top rank in CLAT is the dream of all Law aspirants, but with only 5% success rate it is one of the toughest exams in India. It is a 2-hours (120 minutes) long, offline (paper based) test with 150 comprehension-based, MCQ questions. CLAT is conducted in December for admission in the next academic year. In each section of CLAT (except quantitative techniques), there will be a passage of approximately 350-450 words followed by a set of multiple choice questions. While in quantitative technique section there will be short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial or diagrammatic representations of numerical information, followed by a series of questions.


No of Questions

English Language

28 – 32 questions

Logical Reasoning

28 – 32 questions

Legal Reasoning

35 – 39 questions

Quantitative Techniques

13 – 17 questions

Current Affairs & General Knowledge

35 – 39 questions

AILET Exam Pattern:

NLU-Delhi conducts AILET Exam every year for admission in its prestigious BBA LLB degree program. It is a 1.5 hours (90 minutes) long, offline (paper based) test with 150 MCQ questions. Many of these questions are comprehension based. AILET is conducted in December for admission in the next academic year.


No of Questions

English Language

50 questions


70 questions

Current Affairs & General Knowledge

30 questions

SLAT Exam Pattern:

Consistently ranked among top 10 Law Universities in India, Symbiosis International University conducts SLAT (Symbiosis Law Test) exam every year in May for admission in the prestigious BA LLB and BBA LLB degree courses in Symbiosis Law School – Pune, Noida, Hyderabad and Nagpur. It is a 1-hour (60 minutes) duration online test with 60 questions on Reading Comprehension, Reasoning, Legal and General knowledge.


No of Questions

Reading Comprehension

12 questions

Legal Reasoning

12 questions

Logical Reasoning

12 questions

Analytical Reasoning

12 questions

General Knowledge

12 questions

DIKSHA LEAP – CLAT & Other Law Entrance Test-Prep: Get admission in top Law Schools

With alumni of NLSIU Bangalore and WBNUJS Kolkata as our advisors, DIKSHA’s CLAT & Other Law Entrance Test-Prep course is designed in a way to prepare you not only for CLAT, but also for other top law entrance tests such as AILET, SLAT, LSAT-India, XLAT, XLET etc. Highly rigorous classroom sessions on all sections, strong focus on Reading Skill improvement techniques, exhaustive study materials, ample practice materials and series of full-length online Mock tests for each of the Law Entrance exams are the major reasons behind 300+ success stories created by DIKSHA’s students in CLAT, SLAT, LSAT-India, XLAT and other Law Entrance tests.

DIKSHA CLAT Coaching & Other Law Entrance Test-Prep Course Features

Standard Duration

2 Years/
1 Year


Weekday as well as Weekend classes

 Study materials

Comprehensive & updated covering all sections


Best Learing System

Practice anytime, anywhere

Exclusive Online Student Portal


Higher Mathematics, Doubt Clearing sessions

Special Classes for identified


 Rigorous Practice and Doubt Clearing

6 more reasons to choose DIKSHA LEAP – CLAT & Other Law Entrance Test-Prep


Classes as per your requirement. Small batch size. One-to-One doubt clearing


5000+ Practice Questions, 100+ Sectional Tests, Full-length Mock Tests for each exam – CLAT, AILET, SLAT, NLAT, XLAT etc.

One Prep for all Exams

Follows latest pattern of CLAT, Covers all other major Law Entrance tests

Faculty Profile

Alumni of NLUs, Hazra Law College (CU), IIT Bombay, Jadavpur University

Score Booster

Scientific Speed Reading Techniques & Strategies to help you read and comprehend 400% faster


By alumni of WBNUJS Kolkata

* Apart from standard courses, various customized courses/ one to one tutoring/ Mock Test packages are also available to meet specific requirements of the students.


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