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Diksha Vantage

'DIKSHA Vantage' is the key-point representation of the pedigree, methodology and philosophy that empowers Diksha to stand out tall and true to our motto of “Delivering Success” and gives you an idea that what sets us apart from others.

The Management Team

Diksha is the result of the shared vision of a group of distinguished alumni of Cambridge University (UK), Boston University (USA), IIT Bombay, Jadavpur University and [More...]

A Scientific Approach

Diksha follows a scientific and structured approach to help you in your endeavour. At Diksha in-depth understanding of specific requirements of the students, a result oriented [More...]

The Personal Touch

Diksha is a unique concept where “process meets people”. Our strong processes are always backed by great people – highly effective educators, trainers and mentors, who live [More...]

The simple idea of “Delivering Success”

Diksha runs on a very simple yet a very holistic idea of “Delivering Success” to each individual learner. Whatever we do, we do it from our belief that it will help you to be successful. [More...]

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