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“Diksha” originates from the Sanskrit root “da” (to give) and “ki” (to destroy). Together it stands for a unique process of bestowing development and success and destroying the seeds of ignorance – a process that has been followed in India from time immemorial. In short the word “Diksha” is the much appreciated personalized approach of the “guru” in making the life of a disciple more enlightened and more successful.

Being true to this heritage and essence of the word “Diksha”, we have focused all our resources on making the lives of our learners more SUCCESSFUL following a thoroughly personalized training approach. Diksha Learning Services Pvt. Ltd. (DIKSHA) is an initiative by some distinguished alumni of Cambridge University (UK), IIT Bombay, MDI Gurgaon and Jadavpur University with a unified dream of creating success stories for the students as well as working professionals through Test Preparation & Skill Training.

Our Services DIKSHA is a new generation learning organization geared towards ensuring academic & professional SUCCESS for its learners. DIKSHA has ventured into the Higher Studies – Test Preparation & Admission Support (in India & Abroad) domain to provide a high degree of professional guidance to the aspiring students through its Classroom programs. Besides, keeping in mind the huge shortage of “employable” professionals in the country, DIKSHA has also launched several Industry-oriented Skill Training programs such as ERP Training, MS Excel Training, Presentation Techniques, Communicative English, Business English, Campus Recruitment Training, Personality Development and GD-PI Training. And apart from these, we have a dedicated vertical of experienced Trainers & Facilitators to meet the ever changing dynamics of the corporate sector through value added Corporate Training Programmes & Workshops.

Vision Our Vision is to consistently deliver SUCCESS for each and every Learner of DIKSHA by guiding him or her to achieve the Academic or Professional goals by offering the most result-oriented, relevant and customized Test Preparation services or Training programs in an amicable learning environment where the learners are individually monitored, continuously encouraged and personally mentored.

Mission Our Mission is to become the most preferred Learning & Training Service provider in the country for those aspiring students and professionals who are determined to steadily progress and achieve the very best in their Academic or Professional spheres. We are committed to provide the best quality classroom programs for various Test Preparation and Training services that are designed and delivered by eminent faculty and facilitators and are entirely customized to meet the specific requirements of the learners. As a new age Learning organization focused on delivering Success to each of our Learners, we strive to provide highest level of personalized attention to every individual learner.

The Diksha Way Being true to the heritage and essence of the word “DIKSHA” here we follow a highly personalized learning pedagogy in very SMALL batches. Our average teacher to student ratio is just 1 : 4, making it the best possible in the Learning & Training domain in the country today. This “small batch” concept makes it possible for us to pay completely personalized attention to each individual learner and work exclusively on his or her specific improvement areas. Here our faculty, trainers and academic support staffs know the learners by their names and also know their individual requirements and progress reports. At DIKSHA, the classes are designed to address the specific requirements of the learners. If you are a learner in DIKSHA, you are never just one among a batch of students – thus you never find yourself lost among the crowd. At DIKSHA we focus on YOU and we focus on YOUR Success only!

7 Core Values

Personal Attention

We believe in paying the highest level of personal attention to each individual learner.


We never compromise on the quality of our test preparation and training services.


We offer courses that are entirely customized to address specific requirements of the learners.


We offer an unparalleled level of flexibility to our learners in terms of course duration, class timings, back up classes, doubt clearing sessions etc.


We strive to create a learning environment that is extremely supportive...

Result Orientation

We are committed to deliver courses and training programs that are highly relevant and result oriented...


We groom our learners for a better future, we open doors of opportunities for them and we broaden their perspectives about their academic and professional careers...

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